Monday, January 2, 2012

Home Made Goodness

I love having productive days like today. I've been wanting a pouch to use for my my cell phone, blue tooth and iPod Nano so I can store them all together in my phone locker at work during the day. I can't take my electronics past the sally port at work as I work in a State Hospital. Procrastination has been my best friend of late, but we parted company for today at least, LOL! I made my pouch without a pattern or much knowledge of sewing for that matter. It turned out very well and will suite my needs quite nicely. After I finished that project I made some lip balm using coconut and sweet almond oil plus bees wax.The lip balm I have been using costs over 5 dollars each at the health food store and is made for sensitive folks that can't handle all the gunk that is in traditional balms.

What I made today has a nice mild coconut flavor because I used the raw coconut oil I have, so no need for essential oils that are irritating to my lips. I have been wearing it all day and it is absolutely divine and really lasts! Thankfully, I had lip balm tubes on hand as like I said earlier, I've been meaning to get these made but procrastination... well, you know. Here is my lip balm recipe for anyone to use.

Coconut Almond Lip Balm

1 Tablespoon Coconut oil (raw if you want it to taste like mild coconut)
1 Tablespoon Sweet Almond oil
1 tablespoon Bees Wax
2 drops Vitamin E from a from a capsule.

Melt all oils and bees wax together and take off the burner. Add the vitamin E and stir. You tubes or tins should be lined up and ready to fill before melting your ingredients together, so using a small funnel, carefully fill your containers. Let them sit until set and firm - they'll be opaque when ready to cap. It's so easy! I think if you want to use flavor or essential oils you would simply need to add a tiny bit more bees wax.

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