Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting Ready for Winter

It’s only September but as far as I’m concerned, it’s never too early to get ready for winter. Our 8 chickens recently saw 3 more chickens and 7 guineas move in so the coop needed to be remodeled to accommodate the whole brood comfortably. The coop, by the way, is nestled inside a very roomy aviary and measures 12 ft wide by 4 ft deep by 8 ft tall. The Aviary is 12 ft wide by 24 ft long with a 12 ft ceiling. Our birds have 2 large summer roosts inside the aviary but winter here in Missouri is too cold for those. We installed 3 stair step roosts on one side of the coop and situated it for ease of cleaning and placed a single roost on the opposite side. The single roost is for our original 3 production reds - the queens of the coop. This remodel also allowed room for nesting boxes and even food and water if necessary. Since it completion, all our birds have been roosting at night in the coop and have completely stopped using the summer roosts.   

The pictures below are of the aviary and the newly added roosts in the coop. 

Outside the Aviary and inside the flight run.

Looking into the spacious Aviary. Note the summer roosts on both sides.

Blossom doing her quality inspection.

Chickens and guineas getting comfortable.

Morgan, Harriet and Blossom. The Queens of the Coop.

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